Write a Book: Names of Publishers Who Pay

I’ve had several questions from readers this week asking for the “names of publishers that pay”.

The simple answer is: all of them.

However they don’t “pay” you in the sense of an employer paying you for a job (although some book packagers do operate this way…)

Publishers license rights to your book for a certain time. The book remains your intellectual property. You own the copyright to it. You can get rights back, and you should stipulate that if a book goes out of print, the rights revert to you.

Publishing contracts vary, and it’s sensible to look for an agent if you’ve been offered a contract.

You’ll get a better deal from a publisher when you use an agent, because agents know which of your rights to offer in a deal, and which to withhold.

Publishing is a business, and any publisher will aim to get the most rights for the lowest possible royalties.

Don’t try to negotiate a deal on your own, and always read the contract CAREFULLY several times before you sign, even if you do have an agent.

Publishers will try to get as much as they can.

I’ll never forget one memorable publisher who tried to claim the copyright to one of my books in the contract. I laughed, and slashed a red line though that clause. I know that other authors fell for that trick, because I found many of that publisher’s books which were copyrighted to them, rather than to the authors.

The moral is — never be too eager to sign a contract. I felt immensely sorry for those authors. I’ve no doubt that they found out eventually that they’d been tricked and were shattered.

Be careful out there. 🙂

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