Write a book now – get started today

Want to write a book?

Many people do, if my Inbox is any indication. I get at least ten email messages a week which start by saying either: “I want to write a book…” or “How do I write a book?”

If you’d like to write a book too, here’s what I tell my correspondents: GET STARTED.

Write one word, and another one. And another. Don’t stop.

Sooner or later, you’ll have a lot of writing that’s book length.

Put the material away for a month or two.

Then read it. Just read it straight through, as though you’d never written it.

Next, ask yourself: What is this book about? Summarize your book in one sentence.

Maybe your book’s about too many things: you may have written parts of five books.

OK, choose ONE thing that your book’s about and carve all the material that’s relevant to that one thing from the rest.

Now write again – remembering your sentence of WHAT YOUR BOOK IS ABOUT.

By the time you finish this round of writing, you’ve got an initial draft of your book.

You haven’t finished. Write at least one other draft, before you show the material to anyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started. Writing a book is pretty mechanical in essence: get the words written.

In the process, you’ll change. You’ll learn how writing works, and if you keep writing, your book will turn you into an author.

Either with this book, or your next book, you’ll become a published author. But it all starts with putting one word after another one.

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