Write a Book the Fast and Easy Way

Want a fast and easy way of writing a book? Here is a method which works, in only three steps.

If you’ve been procrastinating on writing a book this method will let you work through the book step-by-step. Please follow all three steps. This method works on any kind of book whether it’s non-fiction or a novel.

1. Write a Blurb

Your first step is to write a blurb. The blurb is actually a description of the book as you’d find on the back of books in the bookstore. A blurb can be anywhere from a hundred words to 300 words long. However the shorter your blurb is the better.

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, your blurb should include the primary benefit to the reader. There has to be a clear payoff for the reader, otherwise he won’t buy your book.

If you’re writing a novel, then you must pack as much excitement into your blurb as you can.

2. Create a Fast Outline

Many writers get stuck on writing outlines.

Forget about what you learned about outlines in English class — write a list. A list is all the outline you need. You’ll find that you change your outline as you work through the book, so there’s no point becoming caught up in getting your outline “perfect.”

3. Start Writing in the Form of Articles

Your final step is to write your book in the form of articles. You’ll find that as you keep writing articles (which are the chapters in your book) ideas for further chapters will occur to you.

Reread what you wrote in your blurb. Your book must fulfill the promise that you made in the blurb. Think of your blurb as the map of your book.

If you are writing a non-fiction book, then keep rereading the chapters that you’ve written, and making notes on your writing. But don’t stop writing. Finish a first draft of the book before you start any form of revision.

If you’re writing a novel, then the temptation to revise as you write can be almost impossible to resist, however you must resist it.

Don’t stop to revise at any point. Make notes on what you want to change and things you want to include in your revision but just keep writing your first draft until it’s complete.

New writers stop writing a novel in order to revise early chapters. Invariably, they lose their momentum and inspiration, and soon stop writing altogether. You can fix anything that needs to be fixed in your next draft.

This method of writing a book works well. I commend it to you. Start writing!

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