Write a Book the Lazy Writer’s Way and Profit


Many people want to write a book. Few people ever get around to doing it, because writing a book is a considerable commitment.

In my long and colorful writing career I’ve written many books, so in this article, I’ll share my tried and tested “Lazy Writer’s Method” with you.

My method will work successfully for nonfiction, less so for fiction. If you’re writing fiction, just write a few connected short stories — they can be very short — rather than writing articles.

My method works because it cuts down on the time needed to write a book, and it also lets you make a little money along the way – always useful for a working writer to keep the wolf from the door.

OK, let’s get started. You’ve had a brilliant idea for a book.

Here are the four easy steps of the Lazy Writer’s Method.

1. Write an article on the subject of your book (or write a short story)

The first step is to write an article on the subject of your book, and get the article published in a magazine, website or newspaper.

Anyone can get an idea for a book – in fact, if you put your mind to it you could probably get a dozen ideas before breakfast. Ideas are cheap.

If your idea passes the publication test however, you know you’ve got an idea that others respond to… and you’ve made a little money too.

Writing a short story? Publish it…

2. What’s the response?

Your article or story has been been published. Now check the response.

Bit tip – ANY response is great. If you get a dozen letters congratulating you on the article, wonderful. If you get another dozen letters castigating you for the article and wanting your scalp, even better.

3. Write another couple of articles, and an outline

Let’s assume you got a response to your article – or there was no response, but you love the topic, and you’re committed to writing the book.

Your next step is to write another couple of articles, and an outline for your book. This package is part of your “chapters and outline” proposal package you’ll send to publishing houses and agents, if you want to be traditionally published. If you want to self-publish, publish your articles as blog posts.

4. The truly lazy writer’s way: blog your book

Most writers would now wait, for a year or two, until a buyer showed interest, and offered them a book contract. Savvy writers self-publish. However, you’re not just a writer, you’re a Lazy Writer, so take the next step, which is blogging your book.

Blogs are instant publishing and they’re amazing tools for savvy writers. Start blogging on the topic of your book – you’ll get readers. Your readership will attract the attention of editors and agents, and with a little luck, you’ll get your book publishing contract much more quickly than you would otherwise.

If you’re self-publishing, you’re marketing your book, and are attracting readers via your blog. So if you’re thinking about writing a book, try the “Lazy Writer’s Method”. It’s a fast way to write and sell a book.

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