Write a book with a (Christmas) theme

Christmas theme.jpg

Red Christmas

Publishers look for season-themed books because the marketing angle’s built-in.

A Season for Sleuthing – WSJ.com reports: “Christmas has once again inspired mystery writers to craft season-themed stories of loss and of hope, of suffering and redemption, and even to hint, at times, at the greater mysteries of creation. Publishers, doing their part, have once again put together mystery-themed books for seasonal giving, collecting classics and offering, in book form, the backstory to the lives of classic storytellers.”

I hope this knowledge is not lost on you. Get started on a Christmas-themed book now, and your book could be the hit of bookstores in the holiday shopping frenzy of 2009.

Marketing is VITAL for your book, so always consider the marketing potential of your ideas

Publishing is a business with tiny margins. Many writers whine over this, but it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just a fact. Your publisher will love you if you acknowledge the realities of marketing.

Building in a marketing angle for you book makes your book easier to sell, all things being equal – you’ve still got to write a great book, of course. 🙂

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