Writing a book? PLEASE start a blog

Want to write a book? Start a blog.

That’s been the theme on THIS blog for quite a while. With blogging, you no longer have to pursue the horrid never-ending hassle of sending out query letters and proposals — you wait for publishers to come to you.

(I say “horrid” because it is: YOU don’t want to send out queries etc, and publishers and agents don’t want them either — they know they have a better chance of hitting the lottery than of finding anything of value in the slush pile.)

From Blog to Print, Laughing All the Way to the Bank – NYTimes.com reports:

“Mr. Birmingham started Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves in early January, uploaded the first entry and asked readers to contribute. Within days, visitors were supplying him with snapshots of bulldogs in bunny costumes and cats wearing wigs. The blogosphere noticed — and so did the publishing world. Within a week, he was contacted by editors and literary agents. By the second month, he said, he had sold a book based on the photos to Three Rivers Press, an imprint at Crown Publishing Group, for ‘enough money to buy a Lincoln Town Car’ — with change left over. “

Here’s the big benefit of blogging: if it’s a great book idea, people (readers and publishers) notice. If the idea stinks, it’s better you should find out now, and not after you’ve wasted three years of your life on it.

So, if you want to write a book, do it on a blog.

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