Writing Your Book: The 5 Most Helpful Habits (Slides)

When you’re writing your book, you need to develop good habits.

Sound boring? Far from it. Your habits will see you through until you write “The End.” Here are five  truly helpful habits in a handy slide deck. If you know anyone else who’s writing a book, please share the deck; these habits make writing your book much easier.

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1. Write every day. even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

You can write for a set period each day. Some writers like word count, or page goals. My non-negotiable word count goal is 1,000 words a day, no matter what. I’ve had this goal for many years. I hit that target every day; it’s become a natural part of my life. If you’re a new writer, start small, with 5 minutes a day, or 100 words.

2. Skip around. non-sequential writing is easier.

You don’t have to write your book from Page #1 to the end. Skip around. If you’re writing fiction, and want to write a big scene which happens in the middle of your book, write it. No one cares. Treat your book like a patchwork quilt; you can stitch all the blocks together later.

3. Quantity over quality. Write. fix it later.

Writers are horrible judges of their writing. If you’re obsessing, keep going. If it’s truly horrible (unlikely), you can fix it later.

4. Feel the words. Disable your inner censor.

Get involved. Feel the words. Relax. Have fun. Your censor is trying to keep you safe. Tell him he can come back once the book is done, while you’re editing it.

5. Get what you need. Pamper yourself.

Pamper yourself while you’re writing your book. Get what you need, whether it’s music, or a pot of coffee, or a fancy pen and smooth paper. You deserve it.

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