Writing Your Book: Synergy With the Web

You’re writing your book, and you’re a bundle of nerves: what if no one wants to read it?

These days, you can lay those fears to rest. I’ve been recommending that you blog your book on this blog, but there are many other things you can do.

I love this idea, for example Synergizing the Book and Web: The Future…? | Digital Book World:

“The Amanda Project is a first of its kind transmedia experience – ‘an interactive, collaborative fictional mystery for girls ages 13 & up, told across a variety of different media including an 8-book series, a website that features games, writing, art & social networking, and a related series of blogs, satellite sites, music, and merchandise.’”

Can you create a synergy between your book and the Web?

Remember, your aim is to get readers. Once you have readers, getting an agent (and a publisher) is a piece of cake. Get creative — there are many, many ways you get can readers for your book using the Web.

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