Your editor is your friend

Are you a high maintenance author? Be careful. A high maintenance author becomes an author who can’t get a publishing contract for love nor money.

Writer’s Digest – Don’t be a Writing Diva says:

“I’ve seen authors in financial crises who berate their agents because they need their advance checks—now! When that doesn’t work, they’ll call the publisher directly, ranting. I’ve also known novelists who take it upon themselves to detail every failure of a publishing entity and e-mail it to an entire company. These are examples of High-Maintenance Authors, or HMAs, and the last thing any author wants is to place himself in this category.”

The article offers great advice. Remember that publishing is a business. Act professionally at all times. Not only will your professional attitude endear you to your editor and agent, it will also ensure that people are happy to work with you in the future.

A book is just a book. Books come and go. When you do land a publishing contract, make this your mantra – “it’s just a book”. Be sensible, and check your ego at the door.

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