Ebooks: Novellas Are HOT

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Many authors are realizing the benefits of our new digital publishing world: you can keep your books SHORT.

Big publishing is cottoning on to the trend too.

Here’s a new imprint, from Harlequin, “Cosmo Hot Reads”, Harlequin.com | Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin: “Stories Can/Will:

Include multiple points of view
Be told in first person
Be contemporary (but not paranormal please!)
Urban international settings are good
Heroes can be bad boys, successful entrepreneurs, geeky scientists—different flavors of men for different fantasies”

This shows you novellas are HOT. If you’re working on a novella, and you think it might fit, you can submit your synopsis.

Of course, if you get rejected, you can publish it yourself… “rejection” isn’t a death knell these days. 🙂

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