Great opening lines

Most novelist spend the entire time they’re writing praying to the gods for a great opening paragraph. That is, a hook which will entice readers to read on.

Their prayers were answered for these two writers.

Blonde Faith (WALTER MOSLEY)

It’s hard to get lost when you’re coming home from work. When you have a job, and a paycheck, the road is set right out in front of you: a paved highway with no exits except yours. There’s the parking lot, the grocery store, the kids’ school, the cleaner’s, the gas station, and then your front door.

The Fall of Troy (PETER ACKROYD)

He fell down heavily on his knees, took her hand and brought it up to his mouth. “I kiss the hand of the future Mrs. Obermann.” He spoke in English. Neither she nor her parents understood German, and he disliked speaking demotic Greek. He considered it vulgar.

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