Names In Your Novel: Are They Really Fictitious?

Working on a novel?

If you are, take great care when naming your characters. You also need to take care with phone numbers, email addresses, business names…

You’re writing FICTION. This means that the names in your novel, and assorted info, like phone numbers, must be fictional too.

If they’re not, you could be in deep trouble.

It takes just moments to check that you’re not deliberately using the name of a real person or an organization.

Angela Hoy gives you a basic plan to follow, in this article Does that “Fictitious” Business Name in Your Novel Already Belong to Somebody Else? By Angela Hoy:

“1. Search Google for names you plan to use in your novel

2. If you plan to use email addresses in your book, register for those email addresses to ensure they aren’t already being used and so nobody else can acquire them in the future.

3. Search the U.S. trademark website for business names or fictional products you plan to mention in your novel.”

You should also include a disclaimer in your front matter, along the lines that any names, titles, organizations mentioned in your book do not refer to anyone. Include a disclaimer in your afterword too, if you have one.

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