Write a book in three days – the hardest part is getting started

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No time to write a book? Nonsense. I’m a great believer in writing in the nooks and crannies of your life – in your lunch hour, while you’re waiting for a meeting to start, and in the half hour before bedtime.

You can write a book, no matter what other commitments you have.

Unfortunately, getting started is a challenge, especially with a novel. Often you’ll write 50 pages just to get the right “voice” or tone for the novel. Once you’ve found your voice, the novel bubbles out.

This article How to write a book really, really fast makes the point: “Participants are allowed to bring in a plot outline, but McLeod says he didn’t get mired in the details. His notes on character development consisted of little phrases: Leonard thinks about God. Leonard meets a girl. Leonard wonders if he is gay.

‘I knew if I could get the voice down for my character, the actual plot — getting him from place to place — would be fun,’ McLeod says. Fuelled by coffee and Rockstar Energy Drink, the spoken-word poet spent the entire first half of the first day on his novel’s opening paragraphs. Once he had turned 20 pages of free-flowing ideas into an opening stanza in a straightforward, slightly comical tone that he liked, the flood gates opened and the novel poured forth.”

So don’t believe that “I can’t write a book” if you take a while to find the right voice for the book. Finding the book’s tone is half the battle. If you want to write – do it. 🙂

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