Write a book the way the bestselling authors do

Want to write a book? It’s more than just typing.

You’ll love this article from the WSJ, How to Write a Great Novel: Junot Diaz, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood and Other Authors Tell – WSJ.com, in which many writers tell you how they write.

Excellent tips for new writers..

I especially liked this quote from Hilary Mantel:

“British novelist Hilary Mantel likes to write first thing in the morning, before she has uttered a word or had a sip of coffee. She usually jots down ideas and notes about her dreams. ‘I get very jangled if I can’t do it,’ she says.

She’s an obsessive note taker and always carries a notebook. Odd phrases, bits of dialogue and descriptions that come to her get tacked to a 7-foot-tall bulletin board in her kitchen; they remain there until Ms. Mantel finds a place for them in her narrative.”

Writing is the first thing I do every day too.

BTW, if you haven’t read Wolf Hall; read it. It’s wonderful. I’ve always been prejudiced against novels written in the second person, but in Wolf Hall, it works.


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