Write a Novel: Tips to Get Unstuck

A writing student contacted me today. She’s a Web writer, who’s writing a novel. Unfortunately, she’s stuck.

To paraphrase, she says she’s almost halfway through the novel, and can’t see her way forward. She’s been working on the project for almost two months. Should she just give up and delete the material and start something new?

Here’s my response.

No, don’t delete anything at all.

It’s common to get stuck. 🙂 Professional writers plough on regardless. They know that sooner or later they’ll pick up steam and will get inspired again.

They write anyway, no matter how they feel about the material. They know that they can always go back and delete material, but if they stop writing, the project is over.

You can move forward in many ways.

Here are some ideas.

* Choose a scene you’ve written , and then write the scene in the first person, from the point of view of a secondary character.

This gives you another viewpoint, which may jolt something loose.

* Give a primary character a secret, which he/ she is desperate not to reveal.

You’ll tend to procrastinate on a novel if the characters bore you — sometimes your story people won’t come to life. Giving someone a deep dark secret helps.

* Have you plotted out scenes from the rest of the book? If you haven’t, plot one scene — make it exciting — and then write the scene.

If you do this, you’ll want to go back and revise some of the scenes you’ve written. Don’t do that. Just keep writing scenes until you complete the book.

* Use your dreams — they can help you to write.

Tonight, as you’re falling asleep, think about your story people. Imagine them interacting. This can be enough to inspire you with some fresh ideas.

If you remember a dream in the morning, write it down.

Imagine characters in your novel for every night for a week before you fall asleep. You’ll be amazed: your story will come to life, simply because you’ll start caring about your story people again. 🙂

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