YES! Final Day of the Challenge Coming Up

30 Day Novel Writing

Our wonderful novel-writing Challenge is almost over –it’s the last day tomorrow. I hope the Challenge worked for you, and that you’re much further ahead on your novel.

I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the Challenge email, so many thanks to you if you got in touch, Julia or I will respond as soon as we can.

The Challenge will stay online, so you can take it at any time. Client work got in the way for me again; so I’ll definitely be doing another challenge myself.

I’ve had requests to send out more novel-writing tips. Sadly, due to time pressures (I send out the Fab Freelance Writing Ezine each week) I can’t commit to anything definite.

However, do subscribe to this blog’s feed. You can subscribe easily via Google Reader, or any other news reader of your choice.

I’ll post similar novel-writing tips to the ones in the Challenge on this blog, if I get questions, or if something strikes me as vitally important.

In the meantime, onward. 🙂 Even though the Challenge is wrapping up, keep writing. I hope that over the 30 days, you’ve manage to acquire a writing habit.

Let me know when you publish

Do let me know when you publish your novel. Send me the title, the description, and the URL on Amazon. I’ll create a page for “graduating” Challenge members. If you like I’ll interview you via email, and I’ll post your interview here.

Good luck… happy publishing.

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