Your Book Trailer Can Help You to Write Your Novel

This article, Why Book Trailers Are Now Essential to the Publishing Industry, suggests:

“Book trailers are relatively recent additions to the literary world. Most of the authors I know detest the very idea of them.”

You may well hate the idea of having to create a book trailer once you’ve written your novel.

However, if you’re in the planning stages of writing, consider writing a script for your planned novel. Much like a blurb, your trainer will get you thinking about your voice and tone, situations, scenes, narrative… in fact, everything you need to be thinking about, in visual form.

In other words, scripting a trailer can kick-start your imagination.

I’m planning novel which will have more than a touch of humor. Thinking visually has helped me to understand what I think is funny, and what scenes would be fun to include.

I suggested the “script a trailer for your book” to one of my students who’s stuck in the “dreaded middle” of her novel. It gave her some excellent ideas for scenes, and a new climax, all within 20 minutes.

She said: “When I thought about the trailer, it helped me to see a couple of my characters in a completely new and fresh way. I suddenly knew what they’d do next. They feel like real people to me now.”

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