Your novel’s voice: find it, and your book will write itself

When you’re writing a novel, finding the novel’s “voice” is a major task, because once you find that voice, the novel will often write itself.

However, often you won’t find the novel’s voice in the first draft.

Here’s an interesting quote Interview: Lloyd Jones: “Almost immediately afterwards, he says, the voice of Matilda came to him and ‘after that, the book pretty much wrote itself’. He had, however, written hundreds of thousands of words to get to that point. ‘I had nine drafts and the last one had the working title ‘Inventing the Pacific: Last Chance’.'”

Do you need nine drafts? You may, but often the voice will come to you before the plot – it will be your first inspiration. So don’t begrudge any of the writing you do on a novel, even writing which seems disconnected with the book, because it’s often your subconscious mind trying to tell you something.

The novel’s voice, when you find it, is your key to the book.

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